Saving Money & Time With a High-Speed Card & Reader

I get the question a LOT – how fast of a card do I need? Simply put, just about ANY card you buy new these days is faster than you need as far as the CAMERA is concerned. What you are REALLY spending money on is saving yourself TIME when you need to get the […]

Canon 7D Missed Focus Hard Reset Fix

This weekend, out of the blue, I noticed that my Canon 7D was seemingly randomly missing focus. At first I attributed it to user error, but when I got to a string of shots in the church, shooting the back of the bride with my 70-200 2.8 IS where about 50% of the shots were […]

DIY L Bracket, Finding The Nodal Or No Parallax Point & Using a Focus Rail

This video will cover making your own L bracket for use on a tripod. I cover it’s complete construction and alternate setups and uses. I also show you how to find the No Parallax Point, also called Nodal Point, of a lens specifically for shooting multi shot stitched panoramic photographs. I also show you the […]

Money Saving Electricity Tips For Home & Office

I wanted to test the electrical and monetary impact of different devices photographer, videographers, or really any normal office may have in use, to see where some cash can be saved.  I detail some testing procedures using a P3 Kill A Watt and different things to do so your power bill can be cut down, […]

Photo Editing Computer Build And Tips

In this video I give an unboxing and build overview of a customized photo editing PC, with a demo at the end of the enhanced performance. I also talk about the differences and advantages of PC vs Mac, talk about hardware optimization for your particular job needs and more!   This system consists of an […]

How To Use Gridspots

Grids are one of my favorite things to use with lighting, giving very precise and powerful control in a wide variety of shoots.  From models to product work, interior architecture to just plain fun, grids open doors to creative work by blocking specific amounts of light in specific areas.  This video goes over the design […]