Canon 7D Missed Focus Hard Reset Fix

IMG_2658This weekend, out of the blue, I noticed that my Canon 7D was seemingly randomly missing focus. At first I attributed it to user error, but when I got to a string of shots in the church, shooting the back of the bride with my 70-200 2.8 IS where about 50% of the shots were soft (looked to be back focused), I knew it wasn’t me. I was center focused on the bride, nothing was moving, nothing was changing yet the shots were randomly different. So tonight I setup a test and found that the problem was not lens dependent, I was able to reproduce it here in the studio. I setup the same lighting conditions as the church, used the same settings and found focus to be off randomly here also. So here’s how I fixed it, and how you might too! Doing a hard-reset on a 7D is very easy, all I had to do was re-enter the date and time, it kept all my menu and custom settings in place. All you need to do is remove the main battery(s) and the coin battery inside the body, then wait at least 30 minutes for residual power to dissipate. Re-shooting the exact same test, every shot was in focus and identical to each other.

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