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Welcome to the site! I’m Bryan Glynn Owner of BG Pictures Photography and Cigar Obsession! I’m bringing together my hobbies and interests to create an interactive learning site for anyone with an interest in photography, from a newbie to a seasoned pro! I will be providing product reviews, shooting tips, equipment techniques, software tips and […]

What Is White Balance?

What Is White Balance? In this video I explain what white balance is in relation to photographers, why we need to care about it and how to properly set and correct for it inside our programs, showing the results and going over some tools and techniques. I talk about camera presets, Adobe Lightroom white balance […]

Paul C. Buff Gridspots Review

Grids are a very powerful modifier to have for your lighting collection.  These units from Paul C Buff, or, Alien Bees, are very high quality units, particularly the current shipping versions.  While prior models had some minor issues with long term durability, units shipping now are extremely robust and effective as shown in this video! […]

How To Use Gridspots

Grids are one of my favorite things to use with lighting, giving very precise and powerful control in a wide variety of shoots.  From models to product work, interior architecture to just plain fun, grids open doors to creative work by blocking specific amounts of light in specific areas.  This video goes over the design […]

Lightroom Importing

Coming soon!

Taking Credit Cards

In this video I talk about the basics of what is needed to take credit cards, as a photographer for your business. I go over the differences between car present and not transactions, options for hardware, rates and point of sale devices. It’s a subject that is made far too confusing by far too many […]

Should I Shoot RAW Or JPG?

Should I Shoot RAW Or JPG? Coming soon!